The Timothy Initiative

by May 1, 2019

This month we honor a powerful ministry that is making disciples and planting home churches. The Timothy Initiative. TTI is one of the first ministry partners for VisionLaunch back in 2015, we invested in this wonderful ministry led by Dr. David Nelms.
TTI uses the biblical model for making disciples, they created a practical intentional curriculum which trains disciples to make other disciples and through this process, they birth many churches and these churches continue this model and that is their vehicle for growth and multiplication.
They are able to plant a church for approximately 300 US dollars, which is extremely affordable. We want you to learn about TTI and we invite you to visit their website They also have an office in West Palm Beach and currently are in multiple areas of the world including Nepal, India, Africa, Mexico, Central America and recently South America.
They support many missionaries in these areas and continue to look at parts of the world where they can share the gospel. Your donations this month to tenforchange will go to TTI, but you can also send your donations directly to their website.
Thank you for your support, we ask that you also keep TTi and their leadership team on your prayers, if you interested in joining them in one of their missions trip, I refer you to their website. I encourage you to Pray, give and go.