Giving Challenge

by Dec 10, 2018

About 18 months ago, I decided -after much prayer- to un-retire and launch a private venture with some good friends and long-time business partners. My then pastors questioned my motives since I was happily retired, but serving nearly full time as the church’s executive pastor and advisor to their Board. At first, I was upset that they would suggest it had to do with making money. But after prayer and reflection, I concluded that they were absolutely correct. It was about the money! The twist is that the money is for the ministry God planted in our hearts. You see, the more we give, the more we are aware of the needs around us, and the more we want to give. I cannot think of a better way to spend my money or invest my money. What we do impacts eternity. We are dealing with life and death scenarios. And what we have comes from God, so why not worship and honor Him through giving?

The Word reminds us that we are “blessed… to be a blessing” (Genesis 12:2). Throughout the years I have heard many references to Luke 12:48; however, I took about 3 weeks to meditate on this passage. It was a fantastic time with the Holy Spirit!
“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required,” (KJV). We have been exceedingly blessed and our “reasonable service” is to give abundantly and with a joyful heart. This verse applies to many things, the blessed knowledge of the truth, saving faith, the grace of God, and everything that He gives us.

Today, I ask you to consider making a donation to VisionLaunch Ministries prayerfully. I ask you to accept the Giving Challenge. I ask you to make an investment in the Kingdom. And I ask that you do it today.
In love and for His glory,
Dr. Joe and Liana Guethon, Founders