Church Planting International Praise Report

by Jan 25, 2019

Praise Report from a mission trip from our partners of Church Planting International !!!!!! Our January TenForChange

Just having returned on January 10, this is a brief update on our recent mission in the state of Nayarit in Mexico. I traveled about six hours on mountain roads with four Mexican nationals to the Huichol village of Guadalupe Ocotan where we have been working since 1999 and where the only church in this region lost their pastor (only 38 years old) almost four years ago. The church also has suffered persecution from other villagers. We have been looking for a pastor that can speak their dialect, but thus far the Lord has not opened that door. Nevertheless, in spite of the above-mentioned hardships, by the grace of God, this band of believers is doing amazingly well. They have a faithful and enthusiastic core group. And there is a move of God now among the youth with about 20 youth ages 14-18. I hope in the future we can sponsor one or two young people to receive training. Meanwhile, we continue to send support to the pastor’s widow who has been used by the Holy Spirit to keep this church together.

During our time we conducted two days of training workshops and five services, one being a special baptism service for seven people. You can see a few pictures below. Please continue to pray for this church in the remote mountains of Mexico.

In Christ,