Open Letter from The Founders of VisionLaunch Ministries

by | Mar 9, 2022

Dear friends and brothers and sisters in Christ:

In 2014, The Lord gave us an assignment which has come to completion. Since the inception of VisionLaunch Ministries, Inc. we have planted seeds, watered, fertilized, and nurtured them. We have watched in awe and with gratitude how they have grown into trees, and then blossom to produce fruit over an amazing 7 years. As you may know, we have been seeking God’s wisdom and guidance for this ministry. Just recently I heard the Holy Spirit speak clearly to me and say, “it is time for new wine”. He wants us to serve Him and others, but under a new structure, through a new approach, and with a new anointing! The Greek term for new wine is Oinos. Yes, Oinos Ministries! New wine is a prophetic theme of the Holy Spirit- what God has for us is distinctive for the right now: a particular anointing for the new world we are living in. In the New Testament, new wine is symbolic of the Holy Spirit (Luke 5:33-39). There are numerous references to new wine throughout the Scriptures:

  • In the Old Testament, new wine speaks of renewed love and intimacy with God (Song of
    Solomon 1:4).
  •  New wine means that God’s promise is being fulfilled (Genesis 27:28).
  • New wine signaled the time for harvest (Deuteronomy 11:14). It was associated with blessing
    and bounty (Deuteronomy 7:12-13; Jeremiah 31:12). In other words, new wine speaks of
    celebration. Don’t we need this today?
  • As we clearly see at the wedding in Cana, new wine represents a season of miracles (John 2:10).

Who doesn’t want to see miracles of healing and transformation? New wine is made from grapes that have been through a recent process of crushing and pressing.
Indeed, we have been through this difficult and painful process over the past 18 months. However, we are grateful for God’s faithfulness, and we look forward to what God will do through Oinos Ministries so stay tuned…

That said we officially close the chapter on VisionLaunch Ministries, Inc. We want to thank those who have supported us through prayers, donations, time, and service. To those who have served on our Board of Directors and those who volunteered, we sincerely thank you. Peace, grace, and love to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with love incorruptible (Ephesians 6:23-24, paraphrased). Many blessings!

Dr. Joe and Liana Guethon

(1) Content source “What is the prophetic meaning of new wine?” Helen Calder/Enliven Ministries/Enliven blog (2018) Ministry Highlights
Donations: $398,162 (93.2% of revenues)
Ministry Partner-Organizations (grant recipients): 38
Mission Trips: Brazil (3), Nicaragua, Mexico; local projects
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